ETI Tempelmann GmbH & Co. KG

Drop forging products, expertise and flexibility

Our company was founded in 1987 in Hagen (NRW) as a technical wholesale for drop forging products under the name ETI Eugen Tempelmann Industriebedarf (Industrial Supplies). When the company was handed over to the next generation in 2002, our name was changed to ETI Tempelmann GmbH & Co. KG.

As a leading firm in our sector, we look back on over 20 years of company history. Over the years we have become specialists in the area of drop forgings – primarily in products for track superstructures and switch construction.

For these segments, we also deliver rolled and plastic products, bolts, and mechanically processed materials for switches. In general, through a warehousing system that continuously adapts to the requirements in the sector, we are able to deliver at short notice.
Currently our main market is in Germany, but we also supply to many additional European countries. On request, our products can be manufactured according to the technical requirements of European state railways, special client specifications, or other given standards. All products, without exception, are audited by our strict QC protocols. Since 1998 we are Q1 suppliers to Deutsche Bahn AG.

Drop forgings are manufactured out of common materials and weigh between 0.05 kg to 25 kg per piece.

Our standard product range includes diverse clamping plates, tie plates, flat fishplates, insulating fishplates, lining pieces, track connecting fishplates, hook bolts, sleeper bolts, multiple switch parts following the DB specifications; as well as non-standard clamping plates, clamping plates for steel structures, pipeline construction (e.g. DIN 3568), crane rails, and much more.
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