The five components of our company philosophy

high quality workmanship, guaranteed durability, best service and sustainability

1. Our aim is to supply our clients with a high and consistent quality and to ensure short delivery times. To achieve this, we have many years of successful cooperation with our suppliers. So that all products comply with the necessary quality standards, each product is audited in-house to comply to relevant standards. To respond to our customers with flexibility, we react quickly to new demands and market requirements.

2. We place great value on an open and healthy corporate culture. Our staff and suppliers are instructed to consistently follow the standard guidelines of process management (DIN EN ISO 9001 – 2008) in all operations. To secure and elevate our competitive advantage, we have declared our aim to continuously extend our training to maintain optimal implementation of our process management system.

3. We respect the culture and history of the countries in which we are active. Through our actions we want to positively contribute to the development of a global society. It is of particular importance that our employees identify themselves with the company. For this reason, each member of staff obtains an equal opportunity for self-development, regardless of gender and nationality.
4. All company activities adhere to and respect the conservation of our environment, the security and health of mankind, as well as the protection of natural resources. For us, a sense of solidarity and social cohesion are fundamental prerequisites for a socially just and economic successful society worth living for.

5. Our company management relies on sustainable and economic profitability to ensure our customers always receive our consistent and familiar quality. We promote a cost-awareness in all levels of our business, so that not only our customers, but also the company and its employees profit from the efficiency of our work.
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