Drop forgings and other fastening materials

Here we introduce a small extract of our standard product range

PICT0032.jpg PICT0048.jpg PICT0033.jpg
clip plates for track balance, e.g. tracks S 33 and form 8 on underlay panels with a rail base of 125 mm

iron packets for the K-superstructure drop forgings and rolled clamping plates for the K-superstructure
PICT0019.jpg PICT0017.jpg PICT0045.jpg
forged special tie plates and tangential tie plates

weld-on rail tie plates as well as cast shoulders for the assembly of non-standard tie plates for tracks and switches
non-standard fastenings
(drop forged)
PICT0062.jpg PICT0052.jpg PICT0067.jpg
clamping plates according to DIN 3568 (09/77) also available in non-standard sizes

PICT0009.jpg PICT0027.jpg PICT0069.jpg
track connecting and insulating fishplates for the assembly of insulated shock absorbers

custom-made track underlay panels blockers for switch construction
PICT0068.jpg PICT0073.jpg PICT0085.jpg
insulating pieces for switches for tracks S 49/S 54 and UIC 60

underlays for switches switch construction material
punched parts like check rail balancing shims and rail stability plates underlay plates and clamping plates for tracks S 30 on wooden sleepers for mining constructions

clip plate compatible to the S 30 underlay plate
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